Longboat D&D 5e

Session 6

What's That Strange Flapping Sound?

No new faces for this session. Lady Moonshadow was out of commission as Angelica's back was giving her trouble.

Carrying on from the last session the party successfully completed the clear out of Castle Cragmaw, the only serious opposition they met was a small group of armoured Hobgoblins but even they didn't last too long. A handy 500gp bounty from Sildar Hallwinter successfully completed!

Returning the Phandalin the party had time to talk with the rescued Gundren Rockseeker. Gundren, while unfit to travel himself, asked the party to travel to the Wave Echo Cave in his stead. He was convinced that the now notorious Black Spider would be there trying to claim the mines riches for himself. Gundren knew that the party had had run ins with the Black Spiders minions before and hoped they would be ready to get some payback. To sweeten the deal Gundren offered the party a 10% share in any profits the mine generated if they helped him reclaim it.

Donning their armour once more the party set off to take on whatever awaited them in the Wave Echo Cave. At the entrance they found the remains of a Dwarf, whom they were fairly certain was one of Gundren's brothers. Kaileena noticed that the dead Dwarf had a very nice set of boots and a quick check showed them to be magical – a good start! Descending into the mine itself the party moved forward cautiously, sending their pseudodragon scout ahead to get some idea of the lay of the land and following that up by sending the stealthy rogue in to check for trouble.

Unfortunately for them their caution did not pay off and they were assaulted by a flock of Stirges that descended for the shadowy ceiling of the cave to attack with surprise. Stirges aren't very robust creatures but the lack of prey within the mine meant they were ravenous and desperate. The more lightly armoured members of the party suffered most from this attack, with Grakul suffering a lot of damage from the bloodsuckers. Ultimately though the Stirge's fragility proved their downfall.

It was time to heal and doing so meant expending precious resources – potions and spells – not a good thing to be losing so earlier in their foray into the mine. It was decided that this was a good place to halt for the evening and maybe some consideration given to whether to retreat and take a long rest to recover spells or press forward. A short but interesting session.



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