Longboat D&D 5e

Session 21

Like Thieves In The Night, Well Sorta

So most of the usual suspects were present for this session, with only Angelica being absent due to being on leave. Conor played Aliaga Moonshadow in her absence.

So the session started with a revisit of the debate from the previous session on whether they were going to chase after the conch held by the Stone Giants or the one held by the Frost Giants. The Frost Giants won in the end and the airship set course for the Sea Of Floating Ice. With the directions they had and a little searching the party managed to locate Svardborg, the iceberg home of Jarl Storvald. Sparky, the ever trust pseudodragon scout, was dispatched to give them some insight into what lay ahead. On returning the party learned that there were a few giants visible in the central lagoon along with some humans and other creatures that Sparky had never seen before. Apart from these there was little to see.

Opting for caution the party set their airship down on the far side of the large berg then moved to investigate the nearest lodge structure to them. Here they hit their first issue, all of the structures had been built with giants in mind. This meant that doors became a substantial obstacle, with the handles being 11 feet off the ground. This effectively ruled out coming in through the front entrance so, instead, Grakul scales the outside and entered through an open window area. Here he discovered a large horn which the party correctly determined to be the alarm horn for Svardborg. Opting to eliminate it as a problem them came up with a plan to lower the horn to the ground and ship it off to their airship. Further investigation of the lodge showed that there were 3 Frost Giants playing some form of drinking game in it. Opting not to engage the giants the party decided to move on to the next lodge.

At the next lodge, Immeral volunteered to do the climbing to access a window further up the building structure. Unfortunately, Immeral's climbing skills were sorely taxed by the icy environment and he twice slipped back down to the ground before finally managing to make it into a top floor window. Within he found a large owl in a cage as well as several barrels, crates and chests. Lowering a rope Immeral was then joined by the remainder of the party and they indulged in a rummage through the crates and chests. They found a veritable fortune in money as well as the frozen body of a dead female dwarf in armour and weapons. Before making arrangements to transport the loot back to their airship, a fact that they would later come to regret, they decided to take a quick peak downstairs.

Peering into the room below they spotted the item they had come here to get, the conch of Hekaton, sitting on a throne. Before they could act though, a pair of Frost Giants, accompanied by some Winter Wolves, entered the room. Plans were made and schemes where schemed. The final decision was that Grakul would try and sneak into the room and attempt to steal the conch from under the noses of the giants and wolves. Grakul made his stealth rolls with easy and managed to pilfer to conch without the occupants of the room being aware that anything had even happened. Before the party could celebrate their win however a horn heralded the return of Jarl Storvald's longboat to Svardborg.

The Jarl, having noticed the airship and spotting the party climbing about on his personal lodge was infuriated. He weighed anchor and started to dispatch his force of giants to go ashore and deal with the interlopers. For good measure, he turned his ships Ballistae on them too. A series of lucky rolls meant that several members of the party took heavy damage (kudos to Fód for taking 16d10 damage and still managing to be alive, albeit with only 2 hit points left – that easily has to be the largest damage anyone has taken so far). The party, in their infinite wisdom, decided that it was time to run away. Aliaga took the conch and used Dimension Door to get back to the Airship rapidly, instructing the crew to cast off and drop ropes to pick up the remaining party members.

Pulling away from Svardborg put them out of reach of the Frost Giant but Jarl Storvald wasn't going to let them go that easily. The Jarl had a captive White Dragon on the deck of his ship and he loosed this to attack the airship. The party seeing the impending threat rising to meet them turned all their weapons on the dragon, hammering it's health to the point that it wisely decided it could not continue the attack and fled back to the iceberg. That was a close run thing as the dragon could easily have taken the ship out of the air.

The party ended the session in possession of the conch they sought although they were a little battered and bruised as a result. As they were forced to quickly evacuate Svardborg they were also forced to leave behind the majority of the treasure they had uncovered, leaving them only the large alarm horn that they'd stolen as booty. With the conch they could now go to the court of Hekaton and try to speak to the King's daughter. Maybe she can help them with their efforts to restore order to the Sword Coast.



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