Longboat D&D 5e

Session 19

Relic Hunting

Most the usual suspects were present for this session with only Angelica bowing out due to illness. Aliaga Moonshadow was played by Conor instead.

The sessions started with the party having to decide where to go. Harshnag had provided them with a map showing the locations of the various Uthgart barbarian holy sites that the Oracle had said contained giant relics. After a bit of discussion the conclusion reached was that they'd head for the nearest site first. The nearest site turned out to be the Great Worm Cavern which was only a short hop from the Eye Of The All-Father temple.

Arriving at the Great Worm Cavern in their newly acquired airship that party discovered a large, icy cavern currently occupied by the Great Worm tribe of Uthgart barbarians. Approaching the cavern the party was brought up short by the presence of a number of guards holding the high ground and opened negotiations with them. The party's line was that they were friends of the Uthgart having recently saved the life of a barbarian called Noori. The guards knew Noori but were suspicious and demanded proof of their claims. Having lost track of Noori during their time in the temple the party had none to show and the debate came to an end.

The next approach they opted for was subterfuge. Withdrawing out of sight from the Great Worm Cavern they returned later the same evening and sent Immeral in to investigate the cavern under the cover of an invisibility spell. Upon approaching the altar located within the tavern Immeral was contacted by a being claiming to the guardian of the altar. The voice in his head claimed that the local Uthgart had fallen under the sway of an evil chieftain by the name of Wormblod. The guardian also offered a blessing to Immeral if he could return with proof of Wormblod's demise. The guardian informed Immeral that Wormblod had recently departed to search for a concubine by the name of Noori. The final piece of information that the guardian imparted was that the giant relic that they had come here seeking was, in fact, the large 'gong' that stood at the back of the cavern.

Immeral returned to the party and imparted this information. After reviewing the details the party figured out that they had already "take care of" Wormblod as they'd encountered him at the entrance to the Eye Of The All-Father. Deciding that the guardians blessing was potentially worth having they took the trip back to the temple and recovered Wormblod's head. Returning to the Great Worm Cavern Kaa made an impressive show of Wormblod's head, intimidating the local Uthgart into allowing them access to the cavern. The party approached the altar and received the guardian blessing for successfully doing as he asked.

Grakul then started to free the giant relic from it frame but, in doing so, it swung free and sounded. The sound reverberated through the cavern, causing some icicles to fall from the ceiling but also waking a nest of slumbering Remorhaz that was hidden in the floor of the cavern. The hungry Remorhaz immediately set about attacking the Uthgart tribespeople, causing them to flee in panic. In a cinematic show the party rode the gong down the slope into the centre of the cavern and engaged the Remorhaz there. The Remorhaz were tough opponents but the party eventually defeated them, saving the somewhat thankless Uthgart.

With one relic in the bag, the party decided to go chase another one. This time they chose to visit Beorunna's Well which it took them a few days to get to. The well turned out to be a large underground cavern with a smaller entrance onto the surface. A rope dropped over the edge leading to a small grove of trees that were visible at the bottom of the cavern. Scouting the area the party was able to see that there were Uthgart barbarians within the cavern and so opted once more for a stealthy approach.

After night fell and under the cover of a Pass Without Trace spell the party descended into the cavern to search for the giant relic. The party first approached the altar in the cavern which turned out to a huge, blood-splatter block of stone. Finding nothing of consequence at the altar the party approached the warm spring that was present in the cavern. Immeral's sharp eye picked out movement at the spring and they quickly figured out that a Manticore made it's home there. Under the continuing cover of the Pass Without Trace spell the party ambushed and slaughter the Manticore without alerting the Uthgart in the cavern.

Searching the hot spring the party found no trace of a giant relic. With little other option they decide to confront the Uthgart barbarians in the cavern head on. Approaching the Uthgart encampment they party tried their previously successfully intimdate tactics once more. This time they were only partially successful, causing the Uthgart not to attack them right away but the Uthgart were not going to be that easy and combat was soon joined. Immeral charged into the fray but, when a full contingent of Uthgart warriors decided to target him he had a moment to regret his decision. Luckily for him his defenses held and he remained unscathed. They party quickly took down the tough Uthgart berserkers and Aliaga put the majority of the other warriors out of the battle with a Sleep spell.

With the fight won the party interrogated one of the remaining barbarians for information. What they learned was that the cavern was a holy place for the Uthgart dedicated to the memory of a great warrior called Beorunna, who was buried under the altar. The barbarians knew nothing of giant relics and Kaa reasoned that the relic was most probably buried with Beorunna beneath the altar. Several hours of digging later they uncovered 'Beorunnas' grave. The skeleton within turned out to be that of an Ogre rather than a human. They also found a Mammoth tusk carved with images of giants fighting dragons – the giant relic they were seeking.

There the session ended. The party are in possession of two giant relics. Will they consider this sufficient and return to the Oracle in the Eye Of The All-Father or will they go in search of further relics?



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