Longboat D&D 5e

Session 18

Eye Of The All-Father

This session picked up were the previous one left off (so long ago). Angelica wasn't available so her character was played by Conor for the session. The session started as Harshnag pushed open the main door to the temple allowing the characters to enter.

Grakul was the first one in and he discovered a room contain a set of statues, all to the enormous proportions that marked this place as being built by giants. The room contained seven statues in total, one central one of Amman the All-Father surrounded by six smaller ones representing the archetypical giant types – Hill, Stone, Frost, Fire, Cloud and Storm. Each of the smaller states held out a weapon in offering to the central statue, except the Frost Giant statue which was missing it's weapon. The large central statue faced the wall opposite the entrance upon which was a large, mist-filled archway. Mithril runes were embedded into the stone of the archway but a wall of stone could be felt through the mist.

The party took some time to explore the room, finding a few secret doors that led nowhere of any real interest and noting that the main exits to the room, to the north and south, were frozen shut by a thick layer of ice that would have to be chipped away to permit egress. Deciding there was nothing further to done in the room for the time being the characters opted to remove the ice blocking the northern exit and proceed in that direction.

Beyond the exit they found a statue of a Stone Giant, posed with his arms outstretched and palms face out. Stairs led to an upper level containing little of interest and when they returned to the lower level and used Sparky (the Pseudodragon) to scout out the area they unwittingly triggered a trap that set a huge stone rolling down the corridor towards them. Sparky was able to fly above the stone to avoid harm and, being at the end of the corridor, the party were simply able to step aside and avoid the danger. As the statue at the end of the corridor reset the trap the party moved into a set of icy side tunnels that didn't seem to have been created by the giant builders of the temple – they were too small for Harshnag to join them.

The party found these tunnels populated by a colony of Ice Spiders that set upon them before they had gotten too far into the tunnels. Immeral used his quarterstaff to great effect, quickly ending the spider threat. Further exploration of the tunnels revealed some victims of the spiders in a side chamber. One of these was an Uthgar barbarian that the party managed to revive. After progressing a little further the party encountered the Ice Spider queen who fell quickly to their attacks only for her remaining eggs to hatch and shower Immeral in a host of tiny biting spiders. Aliaga used sleep magic to free Immeral from this swarm.

Having exhausted their exploration of the northern section of the temple the party returned to the main room, took a short rest and then dug the southern exit out from under its layer of ice. Entering the room beyond they found a large feasting chamber but were also immediately attacked by a Remorhaz that had taken up residence in the room. The Remorhaz was a dangerous creature and many of the party chose wisely to engage it from a distance as standing close to it mean taking damage from the ferocious heat that it's body gave off. Some clever use of abilities by Immeral and some horrendous saving throw rolls meant that the Remorhaz spent a lot of the fight in a stunned state and never really gave the party much trouble. With the Remorhaz out of the way the party found the missing Frost Giant weapon for the statue in the entrance room.

Returning to the entrance room the party puzzled over how to activate the gateway in the room with Kaa being the one that finally figured out that a giant needed to take the weapon of the appropriate type from the matching statue and touch it to the correct rune on the archway. Harshnag took the Frost Giant axe they had found and touched it to the Ise rune on the archway and this caused the archway to change to a portal to another room.

The room beyond the portal was hexagonal in shape. Statues of giants holding up large iron lanterns stood in each corner and the frozen body of a giant lay on the floor. Approaching the body caused it's ghost to rise up and ask the party what their purpose in the room was. With a little interaction with the ghost the party were able to figure out how to talk to the Oracle Of The Giants – stand in the centre of the magic circle in the room and ask the question you wanted answered by the oracle. The Oracle would only answer 6 questions per day so the party pondered over what their questions would be.

They asked where King Hekaton could be found but received the rather unhelpful answer of "unknown". Their subsequent questions were more successful however and they learned…

  • Hekaton's youngest daughter, Serissa, had information that could help them locate Hekaton and that she needed their help. Serissa could be found at the royal court in Maelstrom.
  • Hekaton had, in part, be betrayed by his other two daughters, Mirran and Nym. These two were also present in the royal court.
  • Mirran and Nym were aided in their scheming by an evil Blue Dragon by the name of Iymrith. The dragons are the ancient enemies of the giants.
  • To get to Maelstrom the party would need a Conch Of Hekaton.

When they asked how to get the Conch Of Hekaton the Oracle told them that they must prove themselves worthy of this information. The Oracle informed them that they must recover one or more giant artifacts that had been stolen by the Uthgart barbarians and bring them back to the temple as tribute. Then and only then would the Oracle reveal the locations of one or more of the Conchs Of Hekaton.

With their questioning of the giant oracle complete the party took a long rest to recover their health and spells before setting out to depart from the temple. Harshnag informed them that he would remain behind to await their return. Exiting the temple the party spotted a strange craft floating in the air near by. The craft appeared like a ship on ski-like runners held aloft by a large balloon. The craft approached and its crew dropped ladders to allow the party to board. Once aboard the crew informed the party that the airship was a present from the great red dragon of the north, Klauth, who wanted to aid them in frustrating the plans of the giants. Klauth also promised them treasure if they successfully completed this task.

There the session ended with the party lef to decide on which of the Uthgart sites they would visit and how many artifacts they would attempt to recover.



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