Longboat D&D 5e

Session 15

Hammer Time!

The only absentee this time was Love and his character was played in his absence by guest star Felipe.

At the end of the last session the party had taken care of an awkward Umberhulk in the cave system below the tower. On assessing their situation they found themselves in what appeared to be a blocked corridor. A little bout of heavy lifting cleared the blocked end of the corridor giving them access to the remainder of the tunnel system. A little scouting by Grakul showed that there were two more areas in the tunnels, both occupied by creatures of some sort. Opting to avoid direct combat at this point the party decided to return and clear out the tower.

Most of the rest of the tower was empty but they did locate a locked iron chest in one room. Grakul checked it for traps but failed to notice the poison needle trap that he triggered when he subsequently tried to pick the lock (unsuccessfully). Joradark stepped up to the mark and smashed the lock off with his hammer but, in doing so, incurred the wrath of the undead forms of the towers last residence – a wraith and a group of spectres.

The wraith didn't make it to the second round of combat as Kaa and Fód made intelligent use of their powers and equipment. With just the spectres left the fight was over very quickly allowing the party to claim the loot from the chest. Along with some cash they obtained a magical flail and suit of leather armour. The party opted to take a rest at this point as some of them were in bad shape and they'd used a lot of their spells. Aliaga took the time to identify the magic items that they had obtained and they were divvied up to various party members, some of whom hit against the hard limit of 3 items per individual (hoarding? never!).

With the tower cleared the party returned to the cave system. In a tribute to their thoroughness the party dealt with the Manticores that guarded the entrance to the cave and the Clay Golem that guarded the stairs down to a lower level. Both Joradark and Kaa took hard blows from the Clay Golem which seriously affected their ability to heal – something that may come back to haunt them later but which they can do nothing about for the time being. With the Golem dead the party discovered man-made stairs that led deeper into the earth.

As they traveled down these stairs they discovered walls carved with strange writing and motifs, most depicting snakes and other reptilians. At the bottom of the stairs they found a large, well lit room. The room appeared to possess two doors, one with handles and one without. Being the suspicious lot that they are the party smelt a trap. Drishta used his Druidic capability to transform into an insert and crawl beneath (or over) the doors. Behind the door with no handles he found a large group of reptilian Broodguards mulling around. Behind the other he found a blank wall.

Forewarned about the potential threat the party came up with a plan. They webbed the area of the door with no handles and then opened the other door. They had correctly guessed that the other door would open when this was done and they successfully avoided a potentially nasty fight with a large group of Broodguards. The webbing held against the pressing mass of reptilians and the party was able to pick them off in relative safety.

That is were the session ended. Still no sign of the missing children, nor of the sword that they had originally come here to find.



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